7 Figure Growth in 15-Months

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Missionmercantile.com is a 7-figure plus retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturer of luxury, high-quality, hand-crafted leather goods based in the US with a fascinating history and back story. Their family has over 150 years of merchant/mercantile history and it has been an absolute pleasure working with this prestigious brand.
rank higher, convert more
Problem & situation
Tired of a slow, sluggish theme that needed daily attention and ready to scale, Chuck & Mission Mercantile decided to come on board with Kristin Mark Digital in the Spring of 2021. Their objectives were quite simple, they wanted a faster theme using their existing design that performed better in the search engines and they wanted a product filter app that unleashed 100’s if not 1000’s of high converting landing pages in the search engines which also improved the customer user experience. They wanted to drive more organic traffic that converted into sales.
World exclusive shopify os 2.0 solutions
Creativity & Implementation
  • We replicated Mission Mercantile’s existing design of the homepage and many custom page templates to have a store that was pretty similar to what they already had, using our world-exclusive Shopify theme.
  • We planned, installed, and configured a brand new product filter system to improve user experience across all collection pages and launch an additional 1500+ full optimized landing pages in the search engines.
  • ​We carefully researched a brand new store-wide keyword strategy to ensure every page on the store was tapped into the highest converting, intent-based search terms.
  • ​We technically optimized a full product feed of over 300 SKUs for the search engines, our product filter tech, and the Google Shopping Comparison Service.
  • ​We provided a 6-month content marketing strategy that influenced their potential customers through the purchasing cycle whilst attracting links and building domain authority.
  • ​We built and optimized a Google Ads Shopping campaign that allowed products to be optimized at the granular level on an ongoing basis.
  • ​We liaised and support the brand and their in-house development team on all future development work on the site to maintain technical alignment with Google’s algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ know ranking factors.
  • ​We provided ongoing monthly support with our 1-2-1 dedicated post-launch technical SEO packages.
overall site revenue increase

65.36% Overall Revenue Increase

This figure did not include offline or wholesale orders taken over the phone.
  • Direct revenue up 74.76% (organic assisted conversions)
  • ​Ecommerce conversion rate increase of 31.07%
  • ​Transactions 20.81%
  • ​Overall site ROI of 986.71%
paid search revenue increase

145.68% Paid search revenue rise

By optimizing a product feed the way we do,  paid search marketing performance saw a significant increase too.
  • Users up 57.00%
  • ​Sessions up 61.27%
  • ​Transactions up 62.50%
organic revenue increase
36.44% Organic revenue growth in 15-months

With a much more technically aligned website, an optimized product feed, the installation of a unique SEO product filter app and a canonical programming tool allowed us to significantly increase organic rankings, traffic and conversions. This store had no product filter app before we installed our AAP® SEO product filters.

Video & testimonial

"Last year we almost doubled our previous year for like for like sales and we have doubled our turnover in the 15 months we have been working with you."

Chuck Bowen - Missionmercantile.com
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