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& Independent Retailers

We're looking for our next few brands or independent retailers who want us to personally help them build, upgrade or migrate to a faster, higher-ranking, higher-converting Shopify store in just 2-4 weeks using our world-exclusive OS 2.0 theme & filter tech and then, have us execute the same multi-award-winning, organic-centric, AI-driven growth strategies that are adding up to 7-figures to our clients bottom line in 12 months or less.
Who we are...

I'm Kristin Mark and I'm the owner, founder and CEO of an international, multi-award-winning Shopify SEO & growth marketing agency called Kristin Mark Digital®...

And my team and I have helped over 1000 online retailers START, GROW & SCALE since 2010 and we've been responsible for $10M's of organic sales growth.

After working with 100's of 7 & 8-Figure Retailers over the last decade...

We've re-developed and re-engineered our already proven, multi-award-winning
E-commerce Growth System using our own world-exclusive technologies that are helping retailers add an additional 7-figures to their bottom line in 12-months or less.

And now we’re looking to partner with a few more retailers where my expert team & I will implement our…“E-commerce Growth Optimization” method in their store in just 2-4 weeks, WITHOUT spending a fortune on expensive Ads, AND WITHOUT you having to do anything, except provide us with what information we need to get started.

This proprietary 7-Figure Growth System is the best & quickest method that I’ve discovered to generate traffic, boost conversions and add an additional 7-figures in bottom line revenue for online retailers, all without wasting time and money on themes and agencies that don’t perform in the search engines.

Here's why this growth system works so well...
Our world-exclusive Shopify tech is the best, the fastest and most technically advanced of it’s kind for organic growth. It has...
  • It has Optimized, Algorithm Aligned code for all devices...
  • ​It has a Page Load Speed of 491ms on Desktop...
  • ​Performance Grade A (93%) On Mobile...
  • ​A Shopify Speed Score of 86...
  • It has over 90 SEO & Conversion Boosting features that will SAVE you over $3,000 per year on apps...
And, is the only Shopify OS 2.0 theme and filter tech in the world that can UNLEASH 100's if 1000's more fully-optimized, high-converting landing pages in the search engines, typically increasing a store's organic visibility in the search engines with weeks...

No other company in the world can offer you this technology.
Past, Present & Future

Who we work with...

Please take a quick look at some of the brand's we've helped, and are currently helping.
Brands that have already achieved a substantial 
6 or 7-figure growth using our system...

Please view a selection of some of our latest 6 and 7-figure client case studies....

7-Figure Growth in 15-Months

 Last year we almost doubled our previous year for like for like sales and we have doubled our turnover in the 15 months we have been working with you."

Chuck Bowen -

6-Figure Growth in 7-Months

 Our website is receiving more traffic than ever before, email and phone inquiries have gone up and our online sales in the past 2 months are almost equal to the entire year before.

Igor Kivritski -

7-Figure Growth in 18 Months

 The thing that helped me massively was starting with a good base, the toolkit that we gained access to which helped us understand key bits of the process regards to being search engine friendly, content and analytics really helped us push forward knowing we had a scalable platform."

Lee Turner -

Jewelry & Accessories

2915% YOY Growth in 2021...

Wow! This jewelry & accessories client has been with us just 9 months and in that time has achieved a phenomenal growth of 2915% so far in 2022 with our Shopify theme and our organic growth methodology. We can't wait to show a full years data!
Location: United States
Hardware & Automotive 

76% YOY Growth in 2021...

We helped this hardware & automotive brand achieve a substantial 76% year on year revenue growth in 2021 with our Shopify technology and our organic growth methodology. This client has worked with us since the back end of 2020 and continues to work with us on an ongoing basis in 2022.
Location: United States
Hardware & Automotive 

523% YOY Growth in 2021...

With more than a full years data, we helped this hardware & automotive client achieve a massive 48% year on year revenue growth in 2021 with our Shopify theme and our organic growth methodology. This client has worked with us since 2020 and continues to show even bigger growth in 2022. This will be another amazing growth story.
Location: United Kingdom
Sports & Recreation

319% YOY Growth in 12-Months...

We helped more than treble this sports and recreation client's revenue in 2021 with predominantly SEO, content marketing and a little bit of Google ads marketing. This client has been with us for over 2 years and we're seeing similar growth in the first half of 2022. 
Location: United States
Health & Beauty

101% YOY Growth in 2021...

We helped more than double this heath and beauty client's year on year revenue by 101% in 2021 with our Shopify theme and our organic growth methodology. This client has worked with us since 2020 and continues to push hard with their SEO content marketing strategy.
Location: United States
Toys & Games

9% YOY Growth in 2021...

We helped this toys and games retailer achieve a 9% year on year revenue growth in 2021 with just our Shopify theme and our organic growth methodology. This again doesn't sound a lot, but it made the difference from being a 6-figure retailer, to become a 7-figure retailer. We're seeing steady growth and look forward to even better results in 2022.
Location: United States
Jewelry & Accessories

48% YOY Growth so far in 2022...

We have helped this jewelry client achieve a 48% year on year revenue growth so far this year in 2022 with our Shopify theme and our organic growth methodology. This client has worked with us since 2020 and plans to scale internationally very soon.
Location: United Kingdom
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Why work with us...
After working with hundreds of 7 & 8-figure retailers over the last 12+ years and by developing our own exclusive Shopify technologies, we have developed a proven, 'growth-system' that helps established retailers scale, fast.  

Unlike every other Shopify SEO agency on the planet that executes reactive, firefighting strategies to address Shopify's technical SEO inadequacies, we tackle the root causes with innovate technologies.

That's why we're trusted by some of the world's biggest brands in their niche when it comes to scaling with the Shopify platform.
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